*** Virus issues ***

With the ever increasing risk of email virus attacks. I keep an active interest in the help of our friends who suffer attacks, from worm and virus problems. Having seen what a virus can do to commercial and governmental organizations, first hand. And seen several disabled peoples lives nearly wreaked by some stupid piece of code that has rendered their machine unusable.

Here are a few steps to ensure that your machine remains virus free:-

A:- Use a good resident virus scanner, and keep it up to date.

B:- Scan for Trojans delivered with advertising pages, particularly the popup variety.

C:- Keep cookie levels down. We all now do need cookies, for the net to function, however their expiry dates are sometimes set to such a long time it might as well be 'Never'.

D: Just because your Anti Virus software does not report any virus detection does not mean that you don't have a virus on board. The modern mass emailing worms, first attack the system registry and hide their location, then disable any virus detection software, before moving on to try to infect all the addresses in your mailing list. The only industry wide solution to this is to test your Virus software is healthy and working. So the industry has produced a 'DUMMY VIRUS' see the EICAR item below.

As the market changes rapidly, I do not supply a fixed recommendation. But can recommend a few products, some of which are 'FREE' if you email on:-

*** Scare factor 110 % ***

A recent request to help with a computer that was " PLAYING UP ", resulted in a visit to investigate, during that visit, a total of 227 instances of seven different virus strains, were removed from the machine, Plus a few Trojans as well. Each of the Virus strains have been confirmed as deliverable via email.

1. Things to look out for, are recieving emails with no content ( from addresses within your own address book )

2. Recieving Emails with .COM or .EXE file extensions.

3. Recieving Emails which state they are virus defences, if only you install the attached file ??? ( most suspect )


For those of a brave disposition, the following page will load a dummy virus ( a file with a signature of a real virus ) but no capability of damaging your machine, into your machine. You can then use any of the recommended tools to find and remove the file. It is just nice to know it all works before you get an infection, and then you have some confidence in handling the situation.

Click Here ->"Dummy Virus"

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