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From time to time we receive stories about sheds from our friends and visitors, we have listed some of the best here. Please note all the stories are true.

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To Quote Michael Cain " Now not a lot of people know that ! "

From the London edition of the Times, Saturday the 19th July 2003, page 16.

* Shed heads come out for summit *

Allotment holders, architects, artist, gardeners, poets and the man responsible for conserving Scott'sand Shakleton's huts in the Antarctic will get together next week for Britain's first shed summit. Organizers had thought that they might sell enough tickets to fill a garden shed, but the tickets to the gathering, which is supported by a 2,00 grant from the Arts Council, sold out weeks ago. The summit was the brainchild of Annabel Other, a performance artist. Last summer she organized a symposium on knitting, but nothing had prepared her for the response to the shed summit, which sold out within a few days of its announcement on the internet. ( the article concluded with a few facts about Sheds )

1. The computer companies Apple and Hewlett-Packard both started in garden sheds :)

2. Dylan Thomas lived in a boathouse on the gower peninsula, but wrote Under Milk Wood in his garden shed :)

3. A handyman is building a cruise missile in his garden shed in Auckland New Zealand, with parts bought over the internet. Bruce Simpson, 49 said "You don't have to have to be a rocket scientist" :)

Thanks go to Val for the above item.

Sent as a much appreciated Email.

* Dear Mr. & Mrs. Shedlands *

Can you help? I don't know which way to turn. My garden shed has been disappearing for some time now, and I'm terrified it will vanish completely. I am fast losing control of the situation and don't know what to do for the best. I've tried throwing down my old set of chicken bones and doing the traditional engineer's three turns with incantations (it used to work on 1300s), but to no avail.

This picture was take in May, but it's now got much worse, and I'm having difficult in locating the door to use the mower. I have been sitting in the long grass for weeks now drinking the occasional bottle of sparkling wine with my wife. It makes us forget, but the problem hasn't gone away.

Please help. I'm at my wits end and it's doing my 'ead in.

Worried of Kemsing

Another Email from a cheeky Lady.

* Alternative uses for Sheds ? *

An owner of a camp site in Europe, has been convicted of using his site as a lovers hotel, and as such living off immoral earnings. He rented the buildings ( shed sized ) on his camp site out to any couples who wanted some privacy, for a few hours. He was quoted as saying that "Business was booming for a while, till the word got out and then I was stopped from delivering this public service".

Thanks go to Jan for this item.

A true local story.

* Recycling and what to do with a dead mouse ? *

The development that in undertaken in shed 3, feeds off of supplies of components from the suppliers listed on the site, however as I have a great belief in recycling, some of the goods ( junk ? ) is the product of this recycling theme. Old printers both dot matrix and inkjet are a good source of components, providing stepper motors and simple control boards. These are stored and recycled for their parts, also defunct PC mice are a good source of specialized chippery. On a visit to shed 3 Rita saw a box under the bench marked " DEAD MICE ", With a look of horror on her face, she demanded to know why I was keeping dead animals. The explanation was accepted, but I am not too sure if she fully believes me as to what is in the box !

Even a book ?

* A book recieved this Christmas *

The book " MEN AND SHEDS " by Gordon Thorburn, arrived as one of my christmas presents. A golly good read. And a serious use for sheds and shedists ( is that a Valid word ??? )

And now an Item on radio !

* On Wednesday the 22nd of December, BBC Radio 4 *

A programme called Falling Upwards, all about " Anti - Gravity " activities in English garden sheds. No its all serious stuff ! Honest !.

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