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** The Gameboy Camera vision system **

The principal of this design is to utilize the Artificial Retina Chip which is designed into the old gameboy camera module. To do so, the camera module is stripped down and the CCD/PCB assembly is removed. The control of this module will have to be undertaken by a dedicated microcontroller, as the output will have to be processed by an Analog to digital converter, then made available to the main processor board as a frame of data.

Currently a Handy Board ( 68C11 powered ) is planned to handle this as a dedicated controller, although this is still ongoing at present. Initial trials are encouraging, and it has been noticed that the infra red sensitivity of the camera is very good. Specification is 128 by 128 pixels in 256 shades of grey, the current plan is to only utilize 8 or 16 levels of the grayscale and to keep the feedback, set to give edge detection, within these levels.

The Gameboy module with the cover removed, and a close up of the special 9 pin connector, where the camera can be unplugged. Everything is in this Eyeball sized module, which can be lifted away and connected to the controller.

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