( cybot the problem Robot :- even when its built)

I took the pile of parts and the magazines and started at approx. 10:00 am, worked through the assembly page by page and finished at 17:25. The project works, after you decode some silly goofs in the magazines.

Now was a good time to order some parts as there are warnings on the net about the driver boards shorting out. As usual the Real Robots web site had trouble with handling the order, all I wanted was item 39 which threw the site into disarray. Now I have been waiting over a week for a response from the site as to the state of my order. I have in the interim placed other orders with other suppliers and not only had a response but, the parts have been delivered. This was the same supplier who took months to deliver the toolkit to start with, which is why I will recommend any supplier who gives good service, but warn others about the poor ones.

My last order to the Real Robots web based shop was placed early in March 2003, now over 150 days later I still have not received all of the goods, although the payment was taken by the web site very quickly, promises of first class mail delivery, have not taken place and my last message from them was that it would another 21 to 28 days to deliver the goods, that will be over 180 days in total, Are you impressed with such service ??? . I most certainly am not .

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