We have found ' Two ' more machines.

The 1st 1301 into a museum:-

This scan of on old news paper clipping, was sent by Hamish Camichael.

The above photo is of Prof Brian Cox ( left ) and Bruce McMillan, the original ICL engineer. This precious item is in the Otago Settlers Museum, alongside and in stark contrast, with the IBM 360.
Both now a part of the global history of computing.

The French Connection ?

A wonderful email from Hans of ACONIT told us that there is another machine hiding in Grenoble.

Hi there, just found your pages regarding the ICT 1301 restoration project.
We, ACONIT ( http://www.aconit.org in French) have a 1301 in somewhat lamentable state but substantially complete. I am pretty sure we have the wire-wrap tool you are looking for.
We also have several card boxes of programs and, more importantly, test routines for the machine. Further we have a fair amount of documentation (I MIGHT) have the initial order listing also. Some of the docs are in french others in english.

Needless to say we are talking to ACONIT, and I will update as we get news.

If you would like to visit their site, and it is highly reccomended, then here is a Link


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