** You are entering A Danger Zone **

Seat belts should be worn at all times.
In the good old days of " Steam Radio ", between listening to the exploits of Dan Dare ( Pilot of the Future ) Dick Barton, Special Agent, and the episodes of 'Journey into Space' . I was introduced to a world where logic was suspended and anything was possible. I was eight years old and the impact the Goons had on me was to last until early in 1960. By when I had grown my very own pair of hairy legs, which were almost as thin as Eccles were reported to be..
" The Cast or Who was guilty of playing Whom "

Harry Secombe plays:-
Neddie Seagoon and on rare occasions Fred Nurk

Peter Sellers plays:-
Bluebottle, Major Dennis Bloodnok, Hercules Grytpype-Thynne
Henry Crun, William 'Mate' Cobblers.

Spike Milligan plays:-
The Famous Eccles, Little Jim, Miss Minnie Bannister (Spinster)
Count Jim (Knees) Moriarty, The Spriggs family, Singhiz Thing.

Ray Ellington plays:- ( apart from his band )
The Red Bladder, The Wad of Char, Gladys, The Throat Clan

Wallace Greenslade:- Who is sometimes allowed to Announce

** Infamous Quotes from the show **

Sit down and pull up a gorilla, ( or should that be ) pull up a gorilla and site down

He has fallen in the water !

You are not for deading me are you ?

Shut up Eccles ! ( followed by Eccles muttering, shut up eccles , shut up eccles )

Neddie My lad, you 'are' an absolute Steaming Twit

The Musical Delights of such charming peices as :-

I'm Walking Backwards for Christmas

and of course ' The Ying Tong Song '

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