** The ICT 1301 Resurrection project **
Rebuilding a 1960's mainframe in 2005

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What we have achieved, so far ( the project history )

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The day the Designer returned to see his 50 year old Brainchild

The last Public Open Day in 2005

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A salute to those who have helped us !

Are there any more of these machines left in the World ?

The 2007 open day, come and see the project for yourself!

If you purchased a Certified Memento, check the list here.

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** Appeal for Historic tools **

To complete this project we are in need of any old 1301 wire wrapping tools, which engineer's may still have tucked away in old tool boxes, so if you think you have one of these and wish to donate it to the project, then email us on:-

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See if there is anything tucked away in your Shed, Attic or Garage that could help this project !

A salute to those who have helped us to date.

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